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At Fuzzy Sharks, we're on a mission to change the way people think about sharks. 

Join us in promoting shark conservation through art, education, and advocacy.

A portion of every purchase goes towards supporting Shark Conservation.

Why Fuzzy Sharks?

Fuzzy Sharks is all about biophilia, which says that humans naturally love and are attracted to nature. Sharks, even though they're super important for our oceans, sometimes get a bad rap because of how they look. Fuzzy Sharks changes that by making sharks feel soft and friendly. This helps people see sharks in a different, nicer way, so they'll want to protect them more. It's all about making friends with sharks and helping keep our oceans safe.


This is the nose and mouth of the new plush Fuzzy Shark.


The Story Behind Fuzzy Sharks

Discover the compelling narrative behind Fuzzy Sharks, an innovative venture ignited by Jessica Adanich's passion for art and ocean conservation. From concept to creation, explore how Fuzzy Sharks has emerged as a dynamic platform for raising awareness about the vital role of sharks in marine ecosystems. Learn about the origins of our iconic fuzzy shark mascot and the profound impact it has had in inspiring others to cherish and safeguard our oceanic treasures. 


This is the first hand-made mini plush Fuzzy Shark. Each one hand-made by artist Jessica Adanich


At Fuzzy Sharks, our mission is to inspire appreciation and conservation of sharks through creative and educational initiatives. We strive to raise awareness about the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems and support efforts to protect their habitats. Through our products, advocacy, and partnerships with shark conservation organizations, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of these magnificent creatures and promote sustainable coexistence with our oceanic neighbors.


Fuzzy Sharks Shop

Explore the Fuzzy Sharks shop, where every item is thoughtfully designed or handmade by artist Jessica Adanich. With each purchase, you're not only acquiring a unique shark-themed treasure but also contributing to the conservation of these magnificent creatures, as a portion of the proceeds goes to support shark organizations.

FREE Shipping Over $55! $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping. A portion of every purchase goes towards supporting Shark Conservation.

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