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Sherman, a shark at the Salty Dog Aquarium, has the blues. Whenever he shows his sharp teeth, he accidentally scares the children who come to visit. His manatee friend Wallace, on the other hand, is a big hit. Sherman tries everything from hiding to wearing a ballerina costume, but the fact is, he can’t change who he is. Behind the Glass with Sherman the Shark educates children on the valuable role sharks play in the ocean ecosystem, the threats sharks face and why shark conservation is a must. Readers also learn the importance of being one’s self, no matter what. A portion of the proceeds for this book go directly to organizations that help educate people about shark conservation.


A portion of every purchase goes towards supporting shark conservation efforts, helping to fund vital field work aimed at protecting these incredible creatures and their habitats.


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Behind the Glass with Sherman the Shark - Paperback

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  • Written by Jennfier Chesak, illustrated by Jessica Adanich, and publised by Wandering in the Words Press (July 26, 2013).

    English, 60 Pages



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