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Join the Fuzzy Shark Migration by sharing where your plush has traveled, turning your adventures into a global journey for ocean conservation.

Join the Fuzzy Shark Migration!

Calling Fuzzy Shark enthusiasts everywhere!  Join our exciting project by sharing your Fuzzy Shark's journey. Whether it's a local adventure or a global voyage, we want to track where your Fuzzy Shark has migrated to! Share a photo of your Fuzzy Shark on social media or email us ((Hello (@) in its new habitat, along with the city, state, or country it now resides in. When you share a dot will be added to the map to represent your location


Let's populate our Fuzzy Shark Migration map and visualize the global travels of our beloved finned friends! Don't forget to tag us and use #FuzzySharkMigration to be part of the migration. 

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