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Learn about the vision and passion driving Fuzzy Sharks directly from our founder, Jessica Adanich, as she shares her personal journey and commitment to shark conservation.

Meet Jess, The Artist

Jessica Adanich is an alumnus of the Cleveland Institute of Art where she graduated with a BFA in design and sculpture. Since a child, Jess was always fascinated and in love with the water. When in college it was there that she found her true love for sharks. She began creating artwork to educate people on the issues our oceans faced and to promote ocean conservation. She began the work under the name “Ocean4”. Running the ocean artwork under that name for many years, it was in 2019 that she decided to rebrand. Rebranding the artwork under Fuzzy Sharks was more in line with her mission to promote shark conservation specifically and eliminated confusion with the famous ocean bracelet company.

Jess’s main mission now is to purely focus on sharks, the threats they face and inspiring action amongst individuals for their conservation.

Aside from her ocean artwork, Jess is an award winning designer. She runs her own creative agency DesignPod Studio. She spent her early design career working with renowned brands such as Vitamix® and Hasbro NERF®. Prior to starting her own creative agency, she spent six years leading the design and marketing department of Mace® Brand. DesignPod Studio was born in Cleveland in the late fall of 2018. Jess has since moved to Tampa, Florida with her doberman puppy Zoey where she runs her company as well as creates her artwork.

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