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Experience the magic of our Original Mini Fuzzy Shark, where cuddliness meets conservation! Our soft and huggable Mini Fuzzy Sharkisn't just adorable; it's a powerful tool for challenging negative perceptions about sharks and raising awareness about their vital role in our oceans. Perfect for kids and shark enthusiasts of all ages, this plush toy is not only a snuggly companion but also an educational conversation starter. Join us in spreading the love for sharks and supporting their conservation. 


Handmade with passion and care by artist and designer Jessica Adanich, each Original Mini Fuzzy Shark is a unique masterpiece. Jessica's dedication to shark conservation and her creative talents shine through in every stitch, making these plush sharks both charming and meaningful. Purchase your Fuzzy Shark today and join us in supporting shark conservation efforts while enjoying a piece of Jessica's artistic vision. Purchase your Fuzzy Shark today and dive into a world of oceanic wonder!


A portion of every purchase goes towards supporting shark conservation efforts, helping to fund vital field work aimed at protecting these incredible creatures and their habitats.

Original Mini Fuzzy Shark - Handmade

    • 15" in Length
    • Made from Vegan Fabric
    • $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping or FREE Shipping Over $55
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