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Show your support to Stop Shark Finning by sporting this sticker! This logo was designed by artist Jessica Adanich to educate and raise awareness on the ocean threat that is shark finning. Finning is the act of cutting off the shark's fins, discarding the shark's body in the water, keeping the fins for soup and other purposes. It's plaguing shark populations around the globe killing millions each year. The logo was designed to be bold with a clean, easy to read message. Stop Shark Finning!

Stop Shark Finning Swag Pack

  • Awareness logo designed by Jessica Adanich

    • Stop Finning Bumper Sticker: 7.5" x 3.75"
    • Stop Finning Sticker Die Cut: 3" x 1.65"
    • Stop Finning Pin    1.38" x 0.75"



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